A Statement by Harbottle & Lewis LLP, Solicitors for Kate Middleton

Rex Features has made a public apology to Ms Middleton in the following terms:




On 24 and 25 December 2009 a photographer not employed by Rex Features followed and took photographs of Kate Middleton and her family during the course of a private holiday in Cornwall. Rex Features subsequently syndicated a number of the photographs for publication in the foreign media.


Although at the time Rex Features did not know that an infringement of privacy had occurred, we now accept that this was the case and that by distributing the photographs we were a party to that invasion of privacy. Accordingly we have agreed to pay compensation to Ms Middleton and have undertaken not to syndicate any further private photographs of her.


We apologise to Ms Middleton for what has taken place.


The apology appears on the website of Rex Features. Ms Middleton will be donating the damages to charity.


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For further information contact Evette Elliott, Head of Marketing, on +44 (0)20 7667 5000.



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