Advertiser funded programming

“Harbottle & Lewis has ‘strong technical knowledge combined with commercial and practical advice, and they really understand issues from a client’s perspective’.”

Chambers UK

Advertiser funded programming (AFP) provides advertisers with a way of creating a deeper relationship between their brand and television programmes. As an advertiser, your investment directly funds the editorial content and so can give you a degree of ownership over that content. Programme makers benefit from this model of funding, in terms of production budget.

For AFP to work, mutually advantageous partnerships need to be built between brands, programme makers and broadcasters. You can lean on our extensive experience in this field to help you develop commercial and productive working relationships.

Our clients include both advertising agencies / brand owners and production companies, so we have an in-depth understanding of what both sides need from a deal. Our lawyers will look after the details of any contract to ensure commercial arrangements can be fitted within the regulatory structure – leaving you to focus on creative discussions.