Bullying, harassment & discrimination in the workplace

“It is not just having a good case that counts it having the right law firm. In my capacity as a General Counsel, I have instructed law firms around the globe and I would recommend Harbottle & Lewis to any individual or firm contemplating litigation for discrimination and bullying. When it comes to going the extra mile and to devising a winning strategy they are head and shoulders above most other firms.” 

Gillian Switalski

Bullying and harassment in one form or another is more common in the workplace than you might think. If you have been subjected  to it deciding whether to make a complaint is a crucial but is often a difficult decision.

We can offer you guidance and support to help you decide what action to take, whether you make a complaint under the employer’s bullying and harassment  or equal opportunities policies, initiate a ‘protected conversation’  for a negotiated exit or whether you should bring a claim and, if so, what your potential claim should be. We have a proven track record in pursuing high value claims for victims of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Your objectives will be at the heart of our advice and from the start and if you decide to bring a claim we will give you a clear indication of how likely it is that your case will succeed.

What constitutes bullying, harassment and discrimination?

Poor treatment is not in itself unlawful discrimination but poor treatment which it is linked to a characteristic which is protected by the Equality Act 2010 could be. The protected characteristics are age, disability, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation,  gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status.