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Sexual harassment and employers: striking the right balance?

#MeToo and #TimesUp have only been prominent in the media for approximately a year, but…

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Holiday pay for zero hours or term-time workers: are you paying the correct amount?

When considering holiday entitlement for zero hour workers, term-time workers, or any other workers who…

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Budget 2018: IR35, contractors and freelance staff

In the budget statement, the Chancellor indicated that the government plans to reinforce the so…

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Your data protection to-do list for a ‘no-deal Brexit’

October 2018

With ‘Brexit Day’ just approaching rapidly, Britain still remains in the dark as to whether a formal withdrawal deal will be agreed with the EU. Unless the UK and EU agree to extend the two-year…

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Budget 2018: Key changes to entrepreneurs’ relief

Philip Hammond announced two potentially significant changes today to the way that entrepreneurs’ relief (ER)…

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Publishing phishing scams and data breaches

In the past month the publishing industry has seen numerous reports of sophisticated phishing scams…

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