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Employers must be held more accountable for workers’ mental health

Business leaders recently wrote an open letter to Theresa May to apply pressure on the…

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New loot box investigations in US and Australia

Last week the US Federal Trade Commission confirmed that it will be investigating loot boxes…

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Employers’ vicarious liability: far wider now than you might think

Most employers will be aware, based on a number of recent high profile court decisions…

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Film and TV contracts: the end of loan-out companies?

The Chancellor’s 2018 Budget set in motion changes for those who supply their services through…

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Vicarious Liability for Data Breaches

November 2018

The Court of Appeal has rejected Morrisons’ argument that it should not be liable for the criminal conduct of a rogue employee. In this case, a Morrison’s employee Andrew Skelton, leaked the private and confidential…

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Sexual harassment and employers: striking the right balance?

#MeToo and #TimesUp have only been prominent in the media for approximately a year, but…

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