Our thoughts on the latest developments in our specialist sectors and services.

Trade secrets on the agenda

Despite our future departure from the EU, the UK has implemented the EU Trade Secrets…

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Video games and gambling: tackling the “blurred lines”

Gambling regulators across Europe (and in Washington State) are seeking to tackle the blurred lines…

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Crocs shoes come a cropper in the EU General Court

A recent decision by judges in Luxembourg has seen Crocs, the manufacturer of plastic shoes,…

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Tighter restrictions for online games in China

The video games industry in China could be facing tight restrictions after regulators announced proposals…

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Theatre: three top trends for the year ahead

One of our Theatre specialists, Clare Zucker, shares what she views will be the top…

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Death of the divorce blame game?

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that Tini Owens (the wife in the case of Owens…

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