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Epic takes legal action against YouTubers

18 October 2018

Epic, the makers of what is currently the biggest game on the planet, has brought legal proceedings in the US against two YouTubers, who are said to have used their channels to promote software used for cheating in Fortnite – such as aimbots.

In doing so, the individuals are alleged to have infringed copyright and breached the game’s terms of use.

Kostya Lobov, senior associate in the Interactive Entertainment group, said: “Developers and publishers normally have to tread a line between not being too heavy handed when it comes to enforcement, and maintaining a decent gameplay experience, which can be ruined by the use of cheats.

“Epic has not shied away from taking legal action in recent years, but this is the first time it has brought an action against a prominent YouTuber.

“Assuming the allegations in this case are correct, it’s good to see a major studio willing to take action to stamp out this kind of activity, and hopefully set an example to the rest of the community.

“Being seen to maintain a level playing field has to be a priority, especially given Epic’s ambition to make Fortnite one of the headline eSports titles, with a pledged total season prize pool of $100m and World Cup qualifiers due to start next year.”

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