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ICO reshapes priorities in light of pandemic

12 May 2020

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is continuing to publish guidance materials on its coronavirus hub, aimed at assisting organisations in navigating their privacy compliance obligations during these uncertain times.

Following on from the guidance issued on 15 April, in which the ICO said that it would take a pragmatic approach towards regulation during the pandemic, the Information Commissioner set out her office’s reshaped priorities for the coming months in her latest blog on 5 May.

The new priorities are:

  1. Protecting public interests
  2. Enabling organisations to engage in responsible data sharing
  3. Monitoring intrusive and disruptive technology

These are perhaps not surprising given the privacy concerns surrounding the rapidly developing contract tracing apps.

While some ICO projects have been paused, the ICO has stressed that it will still be maintaining its statutory functions, including dealing with complaints and investigating data breach reports.

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