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Tech companies urged to tackle cyberbullying

27 February 2017

Technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Apple may face sanctions unless they do more to prevent cyberbullying and trolling on social media.

As part of a new internet safety strategy, government ministers will meet with tech giants and urge them to develop new technological solutions to help combat the problem.

The strategy is likely to be enshrined in legislation, with a Green Paper due in the summer. You can read the BBC report here.

John Kelly, a partner in the firm’s Reputation Protection and Privacy Team says: “The effects and consequences of cyberbullying and trolling continue to dominate headlines. Finding better solutions to tackle this modern age problem is a welcome step. One of the biggest frustrations people still have are the delays experienced when reporting problems.”

We reported in October last year that internet users who incite hatred or encourage online harassment via social media could face prosecution. The government’s recent actions appear to be a further step towards tackling online abuse.

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