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WIPR coverage: Kostya Lobov on IP’s role in the games industry

10 September 2018

One of our Intellectual Property and Games specialists, Kostya Lobov, shares his views on the wide-ranging role of intellectual property in the video games industry in an article for World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR).

Among other things, Kostya commented on the recent application by a games developer to register a 25-second video clip depicting the ‘kill cam’ game mechanic from the Sniper Elite series.

He said: “Multimedia trade marks are a registrable right which could, in theory, fill in a gap left by other IP rights and offer an affordable way of protecting at least some elements of gameplay. There are some hurdles, but, in principle, there is no reason why an application which is carefully targeted in scope and backed up by evidence of use as a trade mark cannot be granted.”

He also noted that game studios at an early stage in their life can take a few relatively simple and inexpensive steps to improving their position.

He said: “A handful of strategic trademark registrations, coupled with proper documentation evidencing the creative design process for the game’s key elements (art, textures, characters, plot, etc), and ownership of the resulting designs and copyright works, is already an excellent start.”

You can read the article in full here (£).

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