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Tackling online abuse

27 June 2018

Recent calls to use the new Bill criminalising ‘upskirting’ as an opportunity to improve and modernise our laws in relation to image-based sexual abuse are to be welcomed.

It is also interesting that the debate has so far ignored the many female celebrities who have suffered the ignominy of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ being published across mainstream media under the pretense of news coverage.

Legislators face a continuous challenge in trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology and the ‘wild west’ of the internet.

One form of online abuse that we are seeing increasingly is the creation of ‘deep fake pornography,’ whereby a pornographic image or video is doctored by superimposing onto it the face of another individual.

This can be very distressing for victims who can face an uphill struggle to have such images removed, especially when dealing with anonymous operators of illegal websites.

Natasha Hibbert, one of our Privacy lawyers, said: “This is a challenging area, as there is a real need to provide quick and effective solutions to victims of online abuse.”

You can read more about this issue here.

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