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Tighter restrictions for online games in China

04 September 2018

The video games industry in China could be facing tight restrictions after regulators announced proposals last week which will limit the number and availability of games in the country.

This comes as part of a raft of measures to restrict screen time and device usage for young people in an attempt to combat the rate of myopia in children, which has risen steeply in recent years.

The video games industry in China is the largest mobile games market in the world, as well as having a huge number of online gamers. Given the recent trend of games containing online elements and relying on a business model which focuses on live services, it is likely that these new measures could have far-reaching consequences for numerous publishers and developers worldwide.

The announcement has already sent ripples throughout the games industry with several of China’s biggest publishers experiencing a dip in their share prices. The uncertainty will likely continue until more details on the new measures are released (if at all).

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