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    The closing date for 2026 training contract applications is 31 January 2024. Start your application now.
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  • Grad Hub Update:

    The closing date for 2026 training contract applications is 31 January 2024. Start your application now.
Support and mentoring

Support and mentoring

We do all we can to provide you with the support you need to grow and develop in your early career, gaining invaluable skills and experience along the way.

Meet the Training Principals

While completing your training contract at Harbottle & Lewis, you’ll meet regularly with the Training Principals who will monitor your training and general progress.

Meet Chris Moorcroft, Training Principal

I am a Partner in the Private Client, Tax and Immigration Group and have worked at Harbottle & Lewis for 10 years. It’s a fantastic place to work because, as our founder Laurence Harbottle used to say, we do interesting work for interesting clients. There is never a dull day.

The role of training principal is a vital one because trainees are the future of our firm. It is a pleasure and a privilege to play a role in their careers at an early stage.

One piece of advice I would give applicants is to do your research to work out what this firm is all about. It is a unique place and the best applications understand that and reflect it.

Meet Anita Bapat, Training Principal

I am a Partner in the Technology, Data and Digital Group and joined the Firm in May 2022. It’s a great place to work because of the energy and enthusiasm my colleagues demonstrate every day working with their clients. The top class work combined with not taking yourself too seriously is something which makes this job fulfilling and fun.

We have created a wide-ranging training programme that not only provides the vital skills you need to learn and develop as a lawyer but also one which focuses on finding your true passion for the law.

One piece of advice I would give applicants is to always seize any learning opportunities in any industry. These experiences are invaluable and teach us to combine our theoretical knowledge with the practical.

Trainee Supervisor

Throughout your time with us, you will also get support from a Trainee Supervisor who is responsible for overseeing your day-to-day work, training and development in each seat. They’ll ensure you’re getting the right quality and variety of work across all the different aspects of the department you’re working in.

You’ll have a performance review with your Trainee Supervisor at the middle and end of each seat to review your overall performance, assess the development of your skills, set objectives and plan future training.


The ‘Buddy’ System

To help you get settled in your first six months you will be matched with a ‘buddy’ who’ll act as a point of contact for general queries and offer you advice and guidance.

Elisabeth Davies, Trainee

Harbottle is a really good place to train. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is very approachable, so it’s easy to get to know people around the firm and ask questions when you need to.