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“Clients say ‘Quality is very high, they’re commercially astute, with good and sound knowledge of the law and of how business works’.”

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Advertising tells a story and can be a meaningful and effective way to engage with consumers. While you may know that innovative campaigns, targeted sponsorship, a compelling narrative and well thought out brand positioning can all help you reach your audience, understanding the legal and regulatory landscape is equally important. Having a team of proactive, commercial legal advisers and appropriate contracts in place will help you to minimise risks and still push the boundaries, develop your brand, manage your reputation, exploit your intellectual property creatively and collaborate effectively with your partners.

We provide clearance advice in relation to all forms of digital and traditional advertising and marketing, including social media, online, TV, radio and print. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest industry trends and can offer practical insights and guidance on a wide range of legal and regulatory issues affecting the advertising industry. Our advertising disputes practice also routinely advises on investigations by the Advertising Standards Authority.

We can also put in place and help you negotiate the contracts you need – whether they relate to sponsorship, your arrangements with brand ambassadors and influencers, ad agency services (on both creative and media sides), the exploitation of rights, or placing your product in a film or TV programme.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of cutting edge technology and the work we do within the entire spectrum of creative industries. Our technical expertise in adtech and digital marketing practice also allows us to advise all key participants in the digital advertising supply chain on global commercial deals as well as specialist and emerging issues affecting the industry. Whatever your involvement in the industry, we can help you meet your commercial objectives by providing industry insight as well as cost-effective and robust legal advice.

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