Workplace stress compensation claims

“Extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of litigation including when it came to navigating the landscape in which these types of cases inevitably occur.”

Chambers UK

We are one of the few premium London law firms that specialises in stress at work compensation claims and advises on mental health in the workplace. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise of both employment and personal injury law means we are ideally placed to advise on compensation claims by employees who have experienced unfair treatment, bullying, harassment or excessive work pressures and demands causing workplace stress, injury to mental health or a recognised psychiatric injury such as depression or anxiety.

Workplace stress claims are inherently complex and often costly, which means many situations are not appropriate for litigation. In such cases, we are typically able to resolve issues before they escalate. However, when litigation is pursued, our unique insight and experience in litigating stress claims means we are fully equipped to anticipate and help resolve the challenges that arise and guide our clients towards the best possible outcome. Our specialists have a proven track record advising on and pursuing claims in this area in both the High Court and the Employment Tribunal.

We act for a range of clients from a variety of backgrounds and industries such as City professionals, directors, managers and NHS consultants.