Notary services

If you need to provide legal paperwork for use abroad you may require the services of a notary public.  A notary public is a specialised public certifying officer who can verify or certify facts, events or documents.

The office and seal of a notary public is recognised around the world and so the involvement of a notary can assist in documents and forms being accepted overseas and, in some cases, is a requirement of foreign law in order for these documents to be valid.

Our notary public is able to draft documents in both English and Spanish and can deal with documents in any other language if an appropriate translation of the document is provided or can be obtained.

If you need a notary to verify and witness signatures or take oaths you will need to appear before the notary in person. This would usually be at our offices in Central London but, if necessary, arrangements can be made to do this at your home, offices or elsewhere.