Sports regulatory

“As players, we put our trust in the Team England Player Partnership to look after the team’s interests off the pitch, allowing us to focus our energies on achieving success on it. Harbottle & Lewis are a vital part of the TEPP team, and enjoy our complete confidence.”

Alastair Cook, Former England Test Captain

If you are a governing body, club or event owner you need to ensure that your rules, and any sanctions that you may impose under them, are lawful. If they are not then they risk challenge, which, if successful, may be financially and reputationally damaging. If you are a sports club or player you need the assurance that the custodians of your sport treat you fairly, lawfully and reasonably, and that they are protecting your rights and your career.

We can advise you on all sports regulatory matters including issues such as selection, eligibility, disciplinary, doping and corruption sanctions, commercial disputes and employment matters. We advise on high-profile disciplinary hearings and appeals to sports specialist arbitration panels such as Sport Resolutions and the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

We also advise corporate and brand sponsors, official broadcast partners and sports equipment and technical suppliers on the activation of sponsorship, supply and broadcasting rights within the sports regulatory framework.