LGBT community

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The Legal 500

Everyone’s family circumstances are different. When the time comes to seek legal advice you want to engage a lawyer who understands your particular needs. You need to know the legal advice you receive is based on track record and experience. Our reputation should assure you that we offer the service you need, acting with sensitivity and discretion.

You can rely on us to be up-to-date on the new and developing areas of law that most frequently impact upon the gay, lesbian and transgender community – whether you are dealing with a difficult situation or wish to protect yourself against the possibility, we will help you achieve practical and cost-effective solutions with the minimal amount of stress.

Preconception agreements 

As it becomes increasingly common to start a family through artificial insemination and surrogacy, a growing number of same-sex and heterosexual couples are entering into informal parenting agreements. Unfortunately these informal or oral agreements can lead to disputes after the child is born. A breakdown in the adult relationships can be caused by a difference in understanding of what roles each person expects to play in the child’s life. To avoid such disputes we advise those entering into these arrangements to be clear and precise about their expectations before any attempt to conceive is made, and have developed the pre-conception agreement, or ‘pre-con’.