Reputation protection for individuals

“One client said ‘The key point is their success at being able to minimise potential damage to clients’.”

Chambers UK

Your reputation, personal information and privacy are vitally important. If your status means that others are interested in you, we can help you protect and retain control of your reputation and personal information. You can count on the skills of our Media and Information Group to help you guard against and respond swiftly to, attacks on your reputation (whether by the media, online or other individuals) and unwanted intrusion into your private life including by harassment.

We can work with your existing team of advisers, and within your trusted network of corporate, family or private office lawyers. As reputation is a global issue, we frequently work with overseas colleagues to achieve a coordinated worldwide approach. You will receive a sophisticated level of advice, based upon extensive experience acting for many high profile and internationally known individuals. We can look at your whole professional or private life to assess what is best for you.

We specialise in the following legal areas:

  • Defamation and privacy issues including threats to publish allegations or personal information, taking action over unlawful material and securing the takedown of material from websites and other online platforms
  • Obtaining emergency injunctions
  • Asserting your data protection rights and obtaining your personal information from organisations which may be holding it
  • Dealing with unwanted paparazzi attention
  • Obtaining reporting restrictions and other protective measures in court proceedings
  • Taking action over the unlawful interception of communications
  • Bringing Court claims and complaining to media regulators and the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Dealing with harassment and blackmail threats including sting operations and hostile cyber campaigns.

Our clients

We have an unrivalled history of acting for high profile individuals looking after their interests and needs. Our clients include many global figures who are leaders in their fields (such as actors, musicians, sportspeople and politicians), business professionals and high net worth individuals and their families. We have particular expertise in advising entrepreneurs at leading technology companies and in disruptive industry. A lot of the work we do is preventative and confidentiality and discretion are our core values. Our clients’ privacy is paramount. For these reasons, we choose not to discuss much of the work we do for our clients.