Data protection and data privacy

“Able, available and affable. As Deputy General Counsel of a company that has recently expanded operations to the UK, I have consistently received the highest quality work without delay from a friendly team of talented attorneys at Harbottle & Lewis. I look forward to the continued partnership for years to come.”

Milad Hassani, Deputy General Counsel, Cydcor   

Thanks to GDPR, the relentless march of technology, and increasingly frequent hacks, data has never had a higher profile. Companies operating across all industries are increasingly becoming reliant on overwhelming volumes of data – in particular personal data. However, just as the collection and use of data is growing, so is the scope and complexity of the laws and regulations. Failing to comply with those laws can expose you to substantial penalties, loss of consumer trust, and significant reputational damage. At the same time, adopting good data protection practices can make your business more efficient, secure, and competitive.

We will work closely with you to help you to lawfully collect and exploit data. Equally, we can help you ensure you have the right policies, processes and security in place to manage the risk of data misuse, breaches, data theft and hacking.

We understand the law and also the way it is applied by the regulators. We are often in touch with them.  We also work closely with our extensive network of independent law firms in other jurisdictions allowing us to support not only your UK but also pan-European and global transactions and operations.