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25 February 2021 - News

The Times coverage on duty of care

One of our Employment partners, Howard Hymanson, discusses the issue of employers' duty of care and workplace mental health in an article for The Times.

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24 February 2021 - News

Harbottle & Lewis advises Laundryheap on Series A investment round

Harbottle & Lewis has advised Laundryheap on its USD3.5 million Series A round led by Sova VC with participation from SidebySide Partnership.

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22 February 2021 - News

Roman Abramovich: Media Apologies February 2021

The Times, The Independent and Mail Online have all published apologies in relation to articles which made numerous false claims about Mr Abramovich.

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19 February 2021 - News

Coverage on Uber Supreme Court ruling

Yvonne Gallagher, one of our Employment partners, has shared her views on the Supreme Court judgment on Uber v Aslam in a number of publications.

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18 February 2021 - News

The Stage coverage for Yvonne Gallagher

Yvonne Gallagher explains how the Seyi Omooba case will affect employment tribunals in the future in an article for The Stage.

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16 February 2021 - News podcast: One Patent To Rule Them All

Kostya Lobov looks at the intricacies of patents and the implications of Warner Bros' Nemesis system patent in a podcast for

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