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The esports industry is now a burgeoning force to be reckoned with. esports generally refers to the competitive playing of video games. The biggest esports tournaments command prize money and virtual audiences in the multiple millions and attract professional gamers from all over the world. Spurred on by the Internet’s increasing accessibility, the rise of live streaming gaming platforms (such as Twitch, YouTube Live and and the success of the F2P business model, eSports has established itself as one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment, reportedly on pace to become a billion-dollar industry.

esports tournaments blur the lines between traditional sporting events, broadcasting and interactive entertainment and present a number of interesting legal considerations which necessitate specialist advice from lawyers equipped to handle the full spectrum of issues be they contractual, regulatory or strategic. Our team is comprised of leading video games and sports industry lawyers who have significant experience advising on the staging, financing, sponsorship, exploitation, protection and broadcasting of live events.

As a full-service firm with one of the leading interactive entertainment practices in Europe and an established track record of advising clients in connection with world class live events, we are uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end service.