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Whether you are a high profile person, private individual or large corporation, the publication of defamatory allegations or private and confidential material about you can affect your reputation. It is important to take steps to protect your information, guard against threats and respond quickly and effectively to the publication or broadcast of damaging or intrusive claims if the need arises.

You may be facing false or intrusive allegations from traditional media outlets, individuals known to you or anonymous bloggers on social media platforms. If you are a company it may be that an investigative journalist, activist campaigner, consumer affairs programme, competitor or disgruntled employee has published (or is threatening to publish) damaging claims or commercially sensitive data. For individuals, it could be that a tabloid newspaper or someone closer to you is responsible for malicious statements or is saying they will reveal photographs or intimate details about your private life.

Whatever the situation, our dedicated and highly experienced team of Media and Information Group lawyers can help you deal with these issues and provide you with specialist legal advice on the law of defamation and privacy as well as on other areas of reputation management and media law.

Our clients

We act for a range of private individuals (both in and out of the public spotlight), business leaders, high net worth individuals, families, family offices, brands and companies, and specialise in the worlds of business, media, entertainment, politics and sport both in the UK and elsewhere. A lot of the work we do is preventative and confidentiality and discretion are our core values. Our clients’ privacy is paramount. For these reasons, we choose not to discuss the work we do for our clients.

We are also able to work with our Family, Private Client,  Employment and Litigation teams to ensure that you have maximum support every step of the way.

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