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Gary Ashford

Partner (non lawyer),
Chartered Tax Adviser

Gary Ashford is a well-known international tax partner, with particular expertise in contentious tax matters. He previously held senior positions at HMRC and leading accountancy firms.

He has particular expertise in complex structures, including trusts and funds both in the UK and overseas, and supports non domicile and international clients in identifying areas of risk in their tax affairs. Gary is an expert on the various overseas tax agreements, international transparency, exchange of information and the increasing need for Substance.

Gary has particular expertise assisting clients who need to make disclosures to HMRC or who are under Code of Practice 8 & 9 (COP8 and COP9), or criminal tax investigation.

He advises on International Tax issues, the OECD BEPS programme (UK implementation) and the EU Anti Avoidance Tax Directive.

He also advises private clients, trusts and corporate clients on a range of complex tax issues such as restructuring, residence, non domicile/remittances, transfer pricing matters, employment and property tax and various other matters including VAT.

Gary spends a considerable amount of his time helping high-net-worth and high-profile individuals and their companies on managing tax avoidance dispute issues and tax risks relating to overseas structures. Gary is also advising, in collaboration with our Reputation Protection group, helping individuals protect what is rightfully theirs while at the same time limiting any media exposure.

Gary is an author for Bloomsbury and tax lecturer on international tax matters. He also leads for the tax profession in tax Consultations with HMRC and the Treasury.

Citywealth listed Gary in their Top 100 International Private Client Litigation Lawyers.


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