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Gary Ashford

Partner (non lawyer), Chartered Tax Adviser

Gary Ashford is a well-known tax disputes and investigations specialist. Having previously held positions at HMRC and leading accountancy firms, Gary has particular expertise in Code of Practice 8 & 9 (COP8 and COP 9), criminal and civil investigations as well as offshore tax matters.

Gary spends a considerable amount of this time helping high-net-worth and high-profile individuals who have unknowingly entered into tax avoidance or similar schemes. The type of advice he typically provides is in relation to COP9 or tax investigations and disclosure. Increasingly, Gary is also advising, in collaboration with our litigation and reputation management groups, on tax disputes. Helping individuals protect what is rightfully theirs whilst at the time limiting any media exposure.

Gary also advises trusts and corporate clients on a range of complex tax issues such as restructuring, employment tax as well as large scale tax investigations.