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Jonathan Burt has spent 25 years advising international entrepreneurs and wealth owners. His clients typically have a connection with the UK through tax residency or domicile, or invest in UK businesses or real estate. His clients invariably have interests in trusts or companies, often outside the UK, which hold businesses or investments.

He is an expert adviser on UK resident non-domiciled individuals, their assets in and outside the UK and their trust structures. He does a great deal of cross-border estate planning for international families who hold assets in different countries. He often advises on people moving countries and the tax and immigration issues which those people must consider.

Jonathan often advises on the key issue of how assets should be properly controlled through the ‘life cycle’ of a family and its businesses. In doing this, Jonathan typically addresses the ‘milestones’ a person may go through including marriage, children, divorce, incapacity and death, and analyses the impact of these events on the assets in which that person has an interest.

Jonathan draws on the experience he gained when he was a managing director of Barclays’ trust companies. He has found this experience invaluable in helping him to understand how trust businesses work commercially and to assemble the appropriate team of trustees and advisers to support properly the structures people create to control their wealth.

Jonathan also works with his clients to ensure they are tax compliant in the jurisdictions in which they are resident or hold interests. This has become all the more important given exchange of information programmes such as FATCA and the common reporting standard. Jonathan has experience of dealing with these programmes, both from his time working for Barclays and providing clients with legal advice. He also has experience of advising on exchange of information programmes.