16 May 2024

AI Report

Last month, we hosted a panel event on the use of AI in Financial Services in conjunction with UK Fintech Week. Partner and leading AI expert Emma Wright led the panel in a varied and interesting discussion about the current…

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10 May 2024

Baby Reindeer, internet sleuths and the perils of jigsaw identification

More than 22 million viewers have watched dark comedy-drama Baby Reindeer since it launched on Netflix on 11 April 2024. Much of the show’s tension, and no doubt success, derives from the fact that it is based on a true…

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08 May 2024

What businesses should consider before implementing monitoring

This article was first published in People Management on 29th April 2024. In light of two recent ICO enforcement cases, Anita Bapat, Nadia Ahmed, Grace Tang and Chenelle Olaiya explain the host of legal factors to take into account when…

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18 April 2024

‘Consent or pay’: the EDPB’s two cents on the right model

During its latest plenary, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) issued its highly anticipated opinion following a request by the Dutch, Norwegian & Hamburg Data Protection Authorities (DPAs). The opinion addresses the validity of consent to process personal data for…

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28 March 2024

Take note: new guidance on the ICO’s penalties and fines

On 18 March, the ICO published new Guidance on how it decides to issue penalties and calculate fines in relation to breaches of the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.  It replaces previous sections in the Regulatory Action Policy…

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26 March 2024

Labour’s proposed secondary ticketing reforms

At this month’s Labour Creatives Conference, Keir Starmer pledged reforms to the UK ticket touting system to stop the exploitation of music fans who miss out on concert tickets and have to buy them from secondary websites at highly inflated…

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07 March 2024

The abolition of non-domicile in the Spring Budget

It has suddenly become fashionable to “abolish res non-dom”. After the Labour party’s declarations that it would do so if it formed a government, the Conservatives have used their last budget to get ahead in the race and try to…

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26 February 2024

Content moderation: the ICO’s guide

On 16 February, the ICO issued guidance to help online platforms by setting out how data protection law applies to content moderation activities. We’ve seen increasing obligations on online platforms to proactively protect its users, especially in light of the…

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20 February 2024

The Government moves to address unlawful immigration exemption under the Data Protection Act 2018

Following up on our piece dated 3 April 2023, which discussed the Government's attempts to safeguard the immigration exemption under the Data Protection Act 2018, recent developments indicate significant progress in addressing legal challenges surrounding this exemption. The original exemption…

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29 January 2024

How can I get probate to sell my property?

Andrew Reay, probate manager at Harbottle & Lewis LLP, explains to a Financial Times reader what to do, and how to get probate, where a co-owner of a property has passed away leaving no Will and no known heirs.

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