Crypto assets and crypto currency: investigations and disputes

Crypto-related tax advice, investigations and disputes

We can advise you on:

  • Transferring your crypto assets into the ‘real world’ economy
  • Demonstrating the provenance of crypto assets
  • Disputes with HMRC involving crypto assets
  • The taxation issues resulting from disputes and their resolution
  • Taxation issues arising on DEFI (Decentralized Finance)

Gary Ashford, a partner (non-lawyer) and Chartered Tax Advisor in our Tax Group, has specialist expertise in crypto-related taxation advice, investigations and disputes. He is Vice President of the CFE (Tax Advisers Europe) and chairs the CFE crypto sub-committee within its wider Technology Committee. Gary also represents the Chartered Institute of Taxation on consultation matters with HMRC and the OECD on crypto matters.

Crypto-related dispute resolution

Disputes involving crypto assets and crypto currency are increasingly frequent and give rise to many novel issues of law and jurisdiction. We have the expertise to advise on this complex area.

We can advise you on:

  • Obtaining court orders to identify perpetrators of crypto-related wrong-doing
  • IP disputes connected to the digital economy, crypto or blockchain
  • Disputes involving crypto-related fraud, misappropriation or hacking
  • Disputes between holders of crypto assets and currency exchanges
  • Disputes involving tokenised or tethered crypto assets
  • Disputes involving on-chain assets