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Chris advises individuals and families on wealth structuring. This includes the use of estate planning vehicles such as companies, trusts and foundations to manage the controlled devolution of wealth and family businesses to younger generations, to protect wealth from adverse third parties and to manage complex cross-border tax problems involving multiple jurisdictions. His practice includes advising clients on the implications of information sharing and transparency initiatives, such as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and beneficial ownership registers.

He also advises on will planning and probate involving assets spread across jurisdictions, including the application of the EU Succession Regulation.

In addition to representing wealthy individuals and families from around the world, he also represents professional fiduciaries on issues relating to the design and management of structures, risk mitigation (including fiduciary risk) and tax.

A significant element of his expertise involves advising UK and international high net worth individuals who are resident, investing or spending time in UK on how to structure their assets, including advice relating to structuring of UK residential property.