Chambers HNW 2021 – Quotes

Private Wealth

” Their team is highly qualified and it’s one of the best up-and-coming teams for private client work in London. They’re at the top of their game technically.”

“[The team is] personable and innovative in their approach to matters. They are certainly one of my favourite firms. They punch well above their weight.”

“They are a dynamic firm with huge amounts of technical expertise, and client care is always at the forefront.”

Glen Atchison

“He is just a refreshing presence. He is really technical, he looks at the bigger picture and he is just great with clients.”

“He can very quickly get a handle on very detailed and technical things whilst arriving at a good commercial solution.”

“Glen is very bright, very effective and has cultivated an amazing team at the firm. He is really great at providing a holistic service to clients. You can’t have Harbottle & Lewis without Glen.”

Jonathan Burt

“[Jonathan] is phenomenally good at technical and complex matters and is highly regarded for tax planning issues. His attention to detail is incredible; he spots things in files that others would never have spotted.”

“[Jonathan] takes his time to think about things, his advice is very clear and concise and he has an unbelievable amount of trustee knowledge. He can handle complex family matters seamlessly and his knowledge is second to none.”

“One of those people that can really think outside of the box – he approaches matters from a different perspective, which is a real skill for very complex and complicated situations.”

“[Jonathan] is absolutely excellent, highly intelligent and very personable.”

Zoë Camp

“She is excellent, just superb. She has great technical skills, she’s really good with clients and she’s just very down to earth.”

“She was intelligent, compassionate and the speed at which she works is phenomenal. She is a brilliant combination of technical ability and compassion. She is just so dedicated to making her clients’ lives easier.”

Marianne Kafena

“She is really effective, really knowledgeable and she has a really practical approach to matters.”

“Her Middle Eastern expertise is out of this world. She is an expert on international structures.”

“She has a strong ability to think outside the box and see the bigger picture. She is one of those people that is really easy to talk to and she can find a way around lots of difficult family issues.”

Chris Moorcroft

“[Chris] is very much a dynamic, creative private client lawyer that is super knowledgeable and a delight to work with”

“He thinks outside the box and doesn’t get caught up in the minutiae of tax law to the detriment of everything else. He is very good at seeing the bigger picture, he can translate his skills in the best way for clients and he can convert complex matters into simple language for clients.”

“He has a very practical approach, he’s very user-friendly and very nice to work with. He is a quiet, safe pair of hands. He is technically incredibly strong and he is a very capable adviser. He is unflappable, very calm and measured.”

Siena Gold

“’an excellent lawyer…who is ‘very bright, very personable and very fun to work with.’”

“She is very technical but she can articulate it extremely well. She thinks about the bigger picture and she always goes the extra mile.”


Reputation Management

“I think it is fair to say that Harbottle & Lewis are a tremendously good firm as a whole, with an excellent reputation in the sectors that they cover.”

Gerrard Tyrrell

“Gerrard is almost certainly the best in his field in the UK, probably the world”

“…he’s always there to take your call. His knowledge of media law is second to none.”

John Kelly

“He is ‘really good at levelling with people, has good connections with media – he is a good man and generous with his time.’”

“…one of the top players in this world”

Amy Bradbury

“Amy is a ‘really smooth operator’.”

Louise Prince

“Louise is ‘great and deserves the praise she gets’.”



“They’re outstanding. They are extremely well resourced and produce excellent client work. They also provide highly committed client support.”

“They have a very good team of people. Clients feel like they have someone in their corner who will really get stuck in.”

Catherine Bedford

“…one of the stand-out lawyers in the field of family law. She is tenacious in the defence of her clients’ interests, has good judgment, and conducts cases with great elegance.”

“[Catherine is] ‘super personable and charming’.”

“She has a passion for her clients that really shines through.”

Mark Irving

“[Mark is] ‘Pitch perfect’.”

“[Mark is] ‘really clever, he really analyses the minute detail of his cases’.”

“highly diligent, he’s effective and understated in his approach.”

Nick Westley

“Absolutely fantastic”

“really, really good, he is super bright. He’s really excellent.”


Family Offices & Funds Structuring

“The team is ‘intelligent [and] flexible. They understand me and my clients and they completely understand what we are trying to achieve. They are always available to me and are incredibly helpful’.”



“[The Team] ‘are excellent. They’re incredibly organised and have a real ability to understand the crux of incredibly difficult tax issues. They are good on the facts, they are really engaging and act practically’.”

“[The team is] friendly, calm and respond quickly and efficiently with well-considered advice.”

” They’re creative in their solutions and always easy to deal with.”

Gary Ashford

“Gary is extremely good. He understands tax issues, he is very enthusiastic about what he does and he brings lots of experience. He is also pragmatic, great at dealing with client issues and also approachable. He is a joy to work with.”

“[Gary] ‘quickly manages to understand and analyse a client’s situation and finds coherent, robust solutions in a timely fashion’.”

Morag Ofili

“a really strong litigator and big on cross-border movement of capital. She is very strong on complex and technical issues, she is fast to come up with practical solutions and she is very client-friendly.”

“She is incredibly responsive, always on the ball and really client-friendly. She’s so pragmatic and knowledgeable. She’s firm but fair with clients.”

“I think she’s incredibly organised, great with clients and brilliant at multitasking. She is incredibly detailed in her approach, pragmatic and responsive.”


Sofie Hoffman

“Sofie ‘has a wealth of experience’ and is ‘a formidable litigator’”


Sarah Gogan

“[Sarah] ‘smoothly and confidently tailors each application to her client, their families and their particular, and often highly sensitive, circumstances [she] provides a professional, highly competent, unruffled, Rolls-Royce service’.”

“Sarah is incredibly experienced and regularly goes above and beyond to assist clients. She has a vast knowledge of her specialism.”